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gateless feedback

With a Gateless mindset, we ask: where is the writer excelling?

Gateless Questions to Consider:

  1. Where does the work have energy?

  2. What words and ideas are particularly powerful and moving? 

  3. Where is the craft masterful and seamless?

  4. Where is the writing/vision/voice unique?

  5. Where does the narrator take risks with the writing?


Scene Analysis:

What does this scene do well? Does it:

  1. Advance the plot?

  2. Reveal character development or desire?

  3. Raise the stakes or increase conflict?

  4. Advance an argument around your thematic premise?

  5. Feel authentic and true?

For the writer to consider: Based on this scene analysis, is the scene, as currently written, essential, or non-essential to your story?

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