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I provide script coverage using the Gateless Writing methodology.

In Gateless Writing we strive to generously build each as up as creatives rather than tear the writing down. When we focus on genius, anything that is not working tends to fall away organically. It is from this position that the writer feels energized and is able to create more exciting work than they ever thought possible. 

The goal is to encourage and support the often-elusive state of flow.

Gateless Writing is based on neuroscience: Studies show that creativity often comes to a screeching halt when self-protection (fight or flight) is activated. Risks feel dangerous and the work thus becomes imitative rather than innovative. And the flow and fun stop.

In traditional critiquing groups and most private consultations, the work is criticized as soon as it’s created. The work is dissected, deconstructed, and opinion is told before facts. What stunts the creative spirit is our bent towards focusing on what’s wrong rather than what’s right.

Types of Feedback provided: 

EXPRESS SHINE: Beat Sheet and Logline Development ($150)

FULL SHINE: Full screenplay evaluation with detailed script notes ($125 per consultation hour)

SCRIPT POLISH: We’ll make your final draft sparkle with professionalism. ($175 per consultation hour).

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